Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    adom singer

    The Adom singer lamented “They render free services on everything for already established artists and instead they charge the upcoming artist for everything.” According to Pure Grace, per his expression, the industry bullies the up-and-coming artists.

    He has expressed sentiments on how the industry and its stakeholders milk underground artists. He stated that these artists would do anything to hit the limelight. As a result, they do a lot on probono for mainstream acts. Funny enough, they even pay for a feature for projects that belongs to the mainstream act. Yeah, after all, the big act’s music will sell without the feature. It’s the underground that will benefit from getting exposure.

    Even though some shakers and movers of the industry are willing to feature the underground for projects, the latter should be ready to cover some percentages of the funding.

    Born Peter Akwetey, Pure Grace feels disappointed in the industry. That upon all the above, the bigwigs will call these undergrounds lazy and unproductive.

    “Some people called it FAVOUR but the one who needs the favour rather is been suppressed and the suppressor rather turn back to criticize their art, that they are lazy and need to put in more fireworks.” The Adom singer lamented.

    “Is it the one who is having enough to pay, who should get it for free or the one finding his feet who should rather pay for even a pin that dropped to the ground? Which is which?

    Things fall apart! “the Urban Gospel singer added.

    In further statements, he expressed that the underground artists don’t ask for money from the mainstream. All that they require is a feature on shows for wider exposure. After all, when one of the underground steps into the limelight and goes international, it shakes the world of music than any other.

    That is a call for the industry and the mainstream acts to support the underground talents.

    By Stanley Coffie

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