Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Movie superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger has put smiles on 25 American veterans faces this Christmas. Today, he has donated and helped to install 25 homes for these vets to mark the season of love. Interestingly, they have experienced their Santa at long last in a good time.

“Today, I celebrated Christmas early. The 25 homes I donated for homeless veterans were installed here in LA,” Schwarzenegger stated.

“It was fantastic to spend some time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes. I want to thank Village For Vets for arranging the homes and being a fantastic partner, Veterans Affairs, Amvets, and everyone who worked with us and made this possible. We proved that when we all work together, we can solve any problem.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Briefly, the Village for Vets is an NGO that prioritizes programs that makes it easier for the homeless and at-risk vets to get access to a wider range of support. In relation to the project, they showed appreciation towards the superstar for contributing to their mission.

“This holiday season 25 more veterans have a roof over their head thanks to the generosity of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His donation to Village for Vets made it possible for us to purchase and build the remaining 25 shelters at the CTRS site on the VA Campus.”

“His presence at their Holiday Party today was the icing on the cake! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible including Team Rubicon for helping assemble the shelters and Patrick Schwarzenegger for helping raise awareness!”

Arnold schwarzenegger

According to reports, about 50% of veterans easily become homeless than any other American due to a vast of factors. In fact, about 1.5 million veterans are considered at risk of being homeless. The contributing factors include drug abuse and poor mental health, poverty, lack of support networks, low income and others.

Awesomely, the world knows Arnold Schwarzenegger as the man with the heart of gold. Appropriately, we are in the festive season of love, it’s quite a nice time to put smiles on someone’s face.

Arnold schwarzenegger
The inside view of the homes

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