Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
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    The Australian High Commissioner Ghana, His Excellency Andrews Gregory has turned the sod at Siamekome in the Volta Region for the planting of solar energy to generate electricity for the village.

    Per schedule, the commission believes that in a period of 90 days, the village will have light. Siamekome is an Island in the middle of the Volta River. It has a population of over 200 people and for the first time, it will have electricity in the 21st century.

    Through the Australian High Commission Ghana, the villagers will have renewable electricity for lighting, refrigerating food and medicines, recharging gadgets and for children to do their homework.

    Also, the solar power project will put an end to energy poverty in the village. Surely, the development will also tackle Climate Change.

    Ghanaians always praise His Excellency Gregory for the impact he is making in the country. Upon assuming office, he has touched lives from social, economic, education and other scopes of life. Even, while going to Siamekome for the project, he made another touching endeavour.

    When he reached Sege en route to Siamekome, he stopped to buy tens of loaves of bread. His intention was to go and serve the villagers. With this kindness, he is contributing to the economic life of the sellers and socially, the lives of the villagers.

    Explaining the reason for his generous deed, he said that, “My mum always taught me never to visit someone empty handed.”

    Among other things, the Australian Ambassador found the Voltarians to be hygienic people.

    “One of my favourite things about the Volta region is the sweeping. Voltarians like to live in a clean environment. I do too.”

    In fact, in most of his postings on social media, he has raised concerns about sanitation in Ghana.

    By Stanley Coffie

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