Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

    Ghanaian ace blogger, Kobby Kyei is advising musicians to tone down with the adult-rated content. That, they should censor their lyrics to the level of kids.

    According to him, all the music he has heard from all the programs he has attended have contents the ordinary kid can’t relate to.

    The kids can’t consume it because of the sexual appealing content. Also, he lamented that most of the programs he has seen are for adults.

    “I’ll be happy to see a lot more of our musicians compose songs our kids can consume/ relate to. Not necessarily songs strictly for kids but songs that are filtered and censored. Most of the songs and events I’ve seen so far are adult centred.”

    Therefore, he is calling on musicians and songwriters to consider the children when they are composing music.

    They should censor them so that the kids are not left out.

    “I’ll encourage more musicians to have children related/ censored content in their pool of songs so our kids are not left out. At least they can perform some of these songs at kid shows when we organize kid events especially in festive seasons like this,’ Kobby Kyei added.

    “Nearly all the songs you hear these days have adult-rated content which is not healthy to perform or consumed by our young ones. Anyway, big ups to the few artists that are doing well in this area,” he concluded.


    Some months ago, a few people complained about the most streamed song in Ghana at the moment. Kidi’s Touch It according to these critics should be banned. But, it remained just as an expression of displeasure, the authorities were indifferent over the call.

    Gone are the days where songs were banned in the country for having uncensored content. In fact, the last time such instance occurred was Joey B in somewhere 2014. After releasing Tonga, becoming an instant hit, authorities placed a ban on it because of Sarkodie’s verse.

    Surprisingly, the song found its way back into the mainstream once again until it faded away naturally.
    Following the blogger’s plea, others are calling on the industry to campaign for its players to censor their properties for the sake of the children.

    By Stanley Coffie

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