Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    heiress jacinta

    Heiress Jacinta, born Jacinta Ocansey shared a footage on her IG page. It saw a man in his late 30s, in his singlet and shorts. According to the comedian, the man is one of the thieves who have been jumping her fence wall into the compound.

    However, upon questioning the man why he jumped the wall, he gave a different mission as the trigger for the offence. The suspect stated that he jumped the fence to come in to break part of a tree to chew. And yes, he was holding a chewing stick but we can’t conclude it was from the compound.

    “You climb someone’s fence wall and your defence is you came to cut chewing stick?? This is not the first time… we’ve been quiet for too long!” She captioned the footage.

    That was a lame excuse, apparently – some people reacted. In fact, even if that was the purpose for jumping someone’s fence, it’s still wrong. He could have sought the owner’s consent.

    That was what Jacinta was talking about. Therefore, she asked the man to stay motionless as the police is on the way.

    However, amidst her outburst, she stated that the culprits in the area claim that because her mother is a Nigerian she can’t talk. Therefore, they take advantage of that to perpetrate the act. This was the part some Ghanaians started to drag her. Well, the banter happened on the one that Konkonsa shared and not on Jacinta’s page.

    According to them, the ethnocentric remarks were not necessary. After all, Ghana is a second home to Nigerians. Therefore, her remarks would portray to Nigerians that Ghanaians are hostile to them. This would break the harmony between the two countries.

    Meanwhile, Nigerians are more notorious than Ghanaians; the argument went on and on.

    Reggie Rockstone came to her defence, but he also had his share. Another follower stated that it’s not right for her to say because her mom is a Nigerian she can’t talk. However, this user also stated that everyone has a voice in Ghana.

    Reggie didn’t see this suitable. He replied that “she might be saying this based on an incident perhaps! Everyone gets a voice for gh u said??? Try telling the poor and the hoods this bro! Not the total truth or factual what u said bless up🙏🏿.”

    comedian in Ghana

    Jacinta Asi Ocansey is a Nigerian-Ghanaian stand-up comedian, singer and actress. She has been called “Ghana’s only comedienne” and the uncontested “Queen of Ghana comedy.

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