Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Comedian OB Amponsah

    Ghanaian stand-up comedian, OB Amponsah has thrown a subtle jab at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for not doing the needful as the main opposition party in the country. According to him, unfortunately, the party is concentrating on matters that won’t earn them power in the next elections.

    His assertion stems from the kind of adverts Power FM, the opposition party’s media run during a key political discourse. The presenter, Mugabe will just pause the debate to market aphrodisiacs.

    “You would tune to the leading opposition station Power FM and during a heated political argument, next thing you will hear is Mugabe saying “Yɛ bɛma Dr Amuzu kwan na wabɛtɔn kɔte duro.” Opposition wei! 🙄.“

    Well, he is a comedian – so that’s the funny way to express how he sees the NDC. In a follow-up comment, OB Amponsah he made his intentions clear to followers.

    A fan asked if he wants the NDC to work hard to win the next elections. She commented by asking “In essence you want them to be up and doing so they can win the next elections 😒.”

    He replied “Them for heat Nana Addo ein bortoss… But dem bed. They are more concerned about Trumu Trumu people.” Thus, to him, the NDC is more concerned about LGBTQ+ issues than intensely criticizing the 2nd term Nana Addo led government. The optometrist and comedian, OB Amponsah expressed.

    As a matter of fact, a lot of people have shared a similar sentiment. They have expressed that the kind of pressure the NDC is mounting on the current administration is nothing to compare to the fate John Mahama suffered.

    OB Amponsah

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