Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
date rush

A certain woman has called on the host of Date Rush, Giovani Caleb to introduce a Twi of the program. According to her, there are beautiful ladies out there looking for love. However, because of English illiteracy, they can’t participate in the program.

Upon sharing the message on his timeline, actress Lydia Forson sided with the woman. She commented, “I agree.”

However, Giovani replied that he would change, but in the meantime, he referred the woman to Kwaku Manu. The thing is, Date Rush is a national, even foreigners have been participating. Therefore, limiting it to Twi can’t help. At least, in Ghana, English is widely spoken and clearly understood among all tribes instead of the local dialects. It won’t be a surprise that the host can’t even speak Twi.

Moreover, English shouldn’t be a problem. Amina, a famous Date Rush participant was outspoken. There were countless times she reiterated amid conversations that she wants to speak Twi so that she can be eloquent. No one imposes any language on anyone. But it falls on people with ‘balls’ to be odd.

Meanwhile, Kwaku Manu does a similar show in Twi. “Please tag her. 🤣 Madam please I beg oo I will change Wai. In the meantime, catch “Ɔdɔ Fever” on @onuatv with @kwakumanubob every Saturday.” Giovani shared with hopes that the unidentified woman would see.


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Airing Date Rush puts all other programs on hold in Ghana. Love is powerful indeed. Ghanaians stay glued to their Tv sets as they watch people from all walks of life step out in the eyes of the world to look for love. And yes, just as the slogan goes, everyone deserves love. Most of the dates didn’t blossom, however, some worked.

It got to a time; people realized that the participants were there just for the fame. As a result, the organizers announced that they’re putting measures in place so that only people thirsty for love can participate in subsequent seasons on Date Rush.

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