Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
dr likee

Comic actor Dr Likee born Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi has revealed that the production of a new TV series is underway. According to him, Kwaku Frimpong will hit screens very soon. He shared this with posts of on-set graphics.

Unfavourable situations are still meant for good things. Thus, if one could see the opportunity they enshroud. Dr Likee used to play notorious roles in movies, and in fact, he couldn’t earn starship with that. As the movies industry goes unproductive, many stakeholders took to other economic activities. Some are hosting programs, doing more commercials for products, some ventured into making skits and others too carving a channel on Youtube to still sell their arts. He wasn’t different.

Ras Nene devised Dr Likee TV on Youtube to shelve all his comic pieces.

After rebranding himself as Dr Likee in comic roles and skits, Ghanaians realized that the notorious roles he played in movies were a mismatch to his actual acting prowess. It couldn’t bring out the best in him. For days, weeks and months the internet could just blaze for the new comic sensation.

In September this year, he received Best Comedy skit act of the year & Best viral comic act of the year from the Comedy and Poetry Awards. Showing appreciation, he acknowledged the help king of Ghana comedy, Clemento Suarez has rendered unto him.

“@clementosuarez you being a Brother GOD bless you. And thank you @copoawardsgh for Best Comedy skit act of the year & Best viral comic act of the year.”

And amazingly, companies started giving him endorsements for their products because of his influence. Currently, he is one of the ambassadors for Techno phones. He has been marketing the Spark 8 on countless occasions.

Kwaku Frimpong is a hook from Black Sherif’s 2nd Sermon. Upon the release of the hit song, the term “Kwaku Frimpong de asem beba” went viral serving as memes on Twitter. Serving as the title of the upcoming Tv series for Dr Likee, your guess is as good as mine.

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