Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Nigerian author, law practitioner, activist and pastor, Reno Omokri is unarguably the fiercest critic of Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari. The brain behind #RenoNuggets has picked on the president almost every day.

Recently, a follower asked if he will accept an offer from the president to join his government. Or, even take an appointment from him.

Omokri who believes that the president has done absolutely nothing with the country’s security compared the situation to heaven and hell. According to him, having the least role in heaven is better than the highest in hell. Therefore, he would not condescend to sit in their gathering. In other words, he is living a comfortable life already. In fact, he revealed that President Buhari has already sent countless people for the apparent reason.

An indication that he would have been in his government if he so much wanted as the opportunity came knocking severally.

“Dear @musa_and_gate_,

If they ask you to leave your position as a messenger in heaven to go and be a prince in hell, will you accept? Do you know how many people Buhari has sent to me?”

Reno Omokri is also a Youtuber and digital marketer. He rhetorically asked if he should shun all the legit money he is making online to join a man who borrows.

“So, I should leave all the legal money I am making from the Internet to go and work with a man whose main source of making money is to borrow from foreign nations? Maka why? Even if Buhari sings and dances zazu for me, I cannot go and come and join his government!”

In the past, Omokri had described Buhari as useless to Nigeria as the ‘p’ in psychology. The author believes if the president is doing well, Leah Sharibu would be free by now.

Precisely, Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2018 alongside other girls. The 18-year-old in captivity has given birth to a second baby. People blame the government for its inability to properly negotiate with the bandits to free the captives.

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