Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

The government of Ghana in a file circulating on the internet has spent a whopping amount of 32,159,933.63, that is over 320 billion old Ghana cedis on Covid-19 conferences and meetings.

The expose has given Ghanaians enough reasons to counter the introduction of the e-levy. A-Plus in revealing this, drew the attention of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on the misuse of the national funds by the government.

The overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom has added his voice to the e-levy controversies. According to him, taxes are necessary for development to thrive. Therefore, he urged Ghanaians to accept the e-levy.

Most Ghanaians still disapproved of his view. They expressed that in those countries where the citizens pay taxes happily, their governments use the proceeds wisely.

It was in the light of the overlord’s approval that A-Plus revealed how unwisely the government of the Republic of Ghana is using national funds.

“Dear Otumfoɔ, I’m bringing this to your attention because you are calling on all Ghanaians to pay taxes.

According to this government, they spent 32,159,933.63, (thirty-two million, one hundred and fifty-nine thousand Ghana cedi) that is over 320 billion old Ghana cedis on Covid-19 conferences and meetings. “


“Call the US embassy and ask them how much America, a country of over 300 million people spent on Covid-19 “meetings and conferences.” Please ask all the service providers they engaged to provide VAT invoices so that we can approach GRA to reconcile this claim.”

A-Plus added that it’s good to pay taxes for nation-building. However, it is unwise to do so when the government is bent on wasting money.

“It is good to pay taxes to build a country Nana but not to a wasteful and corrupt government!! Thank you for your attention. Long live Otumfour. Nana wo nkwa so 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, on Monday 13, the government welcomed 82.5 million euros from the European Investment Bank. The offer is to support the nations fight against Covid-19. According to reports, it’s the highest of its kind received in Africa with regard to Covid-19.

By Stanley Coffie

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