Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

    A Facebook user by the name of Ara Jaen has revealed the ordeal she has suffered from the renowned GTBank – Ghana. Her revelation followed a picture she shared that people thought she is having it all rosy.

    “People see this picture and assume I am some lucky girl chilling and having fun. But no!”

    Meanwhile, that was a direct opposite. Guaranty Trust Bank sacked her because a customer ordered the company to do so else, he would leave the bank. Thus, he would stop transacting business with them.

    According to Ara, the customer came to the premises an hour late when they have closed. Therefore, she denied him entry. Besides, there were rampant robbery cases going on in the country and she never wanted to take chances.

    The billionaire, therefore, dared management to sack her else he would withdraw all his money. And just like that, GTBank did it.

    “Then my job Guaranty Trust Bank – Ghana fired me for not letting a customer into the bank after closing hours. So many bank robberies and I had thought the bank was supposed to take extreme precautions. But in this world “money talks and bullshit works”. I was fired because a customer “supposed millionaire” said I didn’t let him into the banking premises 1hour after the bank had closed so I should be fired or he withdraws all his money. And just like that… I was fired.”

    Sadly, the aftermath was an unimaginable pain she had to endure. Narrating the ordeal in a caption to a picture, she wrote “I took this pic amidst pain, sadness, depression, contemplating suicide. I was battling emotional trauma. A doctor even recommended that I see a psychiatrist.

    All the above took place because we are in hard times – she explained. A period people can’t even afford 3 square meals a day was when she lost her job.

    “Sad how at this time when people are barely getting 3 square meals a day, the rich feel like it’s ok to take someone’s means of livelihood just to prove a point.”

    Ara admonished people to be nice to others for their kindness does a lot of things for others.

    By Stanley Coffie

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