Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
heaven and hell - A plus

Controversial musician cum politician Kwame A Plus has revealed that he doesn’t believe in the notion of attending church to make it to heaven. According to him, heaven and hell don’t exist.

Heaven, to him, is where the rain forms and fall. Thus, he believes heaven exists, however, it’s not a dwelling for humans. It’s where the clouds are, the source of rainfall.

Explaining his stance on the heaven and hell topic that has transcended over generations, the political activist slammed a longstanding belief in religion. Severally, the Christian faith has expressed heaven as a place of merry. A place built with gold that knows no sorrow and pain.

A Plus asserted that if those people believe in the city of gold story, then they should die and go there right always. In other words, he doesn’t understand what they’re on earth for. According to books, Christianity was foreign to the Africans. The Europeans brought it.

And that is where the United Showbiz panellist argued that if the Whites know there is a city of gold, why are they trouping to Africa to wring all their gold. Jokingly, he said they are here for the physical gold and in return presenting the virtual gold to the people from the Bible.

Just like the outspoken activist, many people have bullshitted the heaven and hell belief and its theories. To them, if Christians and other religious people say God is loving, why is he then preparing a pool of fire to throw his children he calls stubborn inside.

As a result, they chose to believe in some sections of the Bible. Besides, others among this anti heaven and hell belief choose not to accept the Bible at all.

Meanwhile, he declared that he has no issue with people of diverse opinions. So just as he accepts others, people shouldn’t have issues with him as well.

By Stanley Coffie

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