Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

    Up and coming singer Humphrey wows followers with a karaoke of Why by Adina. Thrilled by his soothing voice and singing prowess, enchanted Adina had nothing to say other than I love you so much. She expressed to the singer.

    Adina initially shared it on her timeline with the caption “👀Come through voice!! Someone, please tag him for me…💯” The post garnered a lot of awe on her timeline as most people tagged the amazing singer. Among other comments was Lydia Forson’s. Overwhelmed by the art, she commented “Wow.”

    Humphrey is fond of Adina.

    He disclosed to Newsflashgh that the singer inspires him in a million ways. According to him, he has a high pitched voice so Adina’s songs help him to train while he enjoys them. That explains the reason why most of his cover arts are Adina Thembi’s. Interestingly, he did a cover of Kidi featuring Adina, One Man – focusing on the verse of his inspiration. According to him, it was a popular request.

    “Adina is very inspiring I mostly sing Adina songs to train my voice because of her high note voice. And for me, I’ve got a high pitch too so her songs help a bit to sharpen mine.” He explained when we asked him why it is always her.

    it always her.

    Currently, Humphrey is working on an upcoming EP. According to him, it is left with a song to go and it is ready for public consumption.

    “I have an upcoming EP I’m just left with a single song then boom we are good to go🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽😃,” he revealed.

    Prior to this, the singer has two songs already in digital stores. Just after completing High School, he dropped Odo. Later on, he dropped Tonite during last year produced by DJ Deekay.

    Born Humphrey Asiedu Koranteng, the singer hails from Abiriw Akuapem in the Eastern Region. He started doing music after High School in 2013.

    With his silk voice, he is entreating Ghanaians to watch his space for he has much to deliver for the industry.

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