Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    ik ogbonna

    Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has expressed his displeasure over Shatta Wale’s utterances at the just ended Freedom Wave concert. According to him, the self-acclaimed Dancehall King should render an apology to Nigerians.

    Shatta Wale joined forces with his industry brother, Medikal to stage the Freedom Wave with invited artists as well. It was successful, they were able to fill the 40,000 capacity Accra Sports Stadium. Well, some people are saying that the cheap rate of 10 and 20 cedis stimulated the massive attendance even though, as a matter of fact, Shatta has an impressive fan base.

    Anyway, at the peak of the night, when he mounted the stage, he cast unpleasant remarks on the Nigerian counterparts. In fact, he went further to even use the f-word on them and that is what IK Ogbona doesn’t agree with. People are saying his ego came to play upon seeing the little crowd he has pulled. Even, that was a result of synergy.

    A few weeks ago, Wizkid did the unimaginable at O2 Arena in London. He filled the place to the brim with unending thrills of performances from stars all over the world. Interestingly, he gave an opportunity for his Ghanaian brother, King Promise to gain his first experience in performing to such a crowd.

    The achievement spread rapidly like wildfire. Unfortunately, it made Ghanaians wonder when their stars would also reach such heights. As a matter of fact, Nigeria is ahead of Ghana in terms of music. At least, four of their icons, arguably, have received Grammy Awards. In fact, Burna Boy is a multiple-time winner.

    Displeased by Shatta’s utterances, IK Ogbonna wrote;

    “MR @shattawalenima you are a total and complete disappointment.
    In a time where we should be growing together and helping each other through creative collaborations. You should Appreciate the Nigerian artist coz a win for any Nigerian artist is a win for Africa. How do you promote unity with utterances like this.”

    “This is very weak from you … deal with ur complex issues and grow up. As an artist, I have featured in a few ghana movies and I have also worked with amazing, adorable Ghanaians here in Nigeria. You should totally apologize for this #hatespeech.”

    Moreover, replying to comments, IK Ogbonna further expressed that Nigeria still enjoys Ghanaian music too. That, even South African songs are played in Nigeria more than the local ones and that’s called love.

    Also, he stated that God saw Shatta’s heart, and gave him a face that looks just like it.

    ik ogbonna

    Ogbonna expressed that he had to write to put him right in order not for him to steer up unnecessary enmity between the stars with his hate speech.

    He believes it’s that time in the world where artists are coming together from various countries for projects. Therefore, Shatta should grow up.

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