Thu. May 13th, 2021
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Kenyan lawyer, Patrick Loch Otieno (PLO) Lumumba has expressed what looks like dissatisfaction towards Kenya’s newspapers for not covering relevant issues in Africa but that of other continents that has no effect to the lives in the African continent.

To his surprise, the newspapers with names unmentioned had the U.S.A elections on the front pages, and making it worse, had English football at the back pages. Meanwhile Ethiopia is at war currently, an incident that affects the lives of Africans directly.

In fact, his expression drew minds of people on the similar incidents that was observed in the recent Nigeria #Endsars protest. A lot of media houses and international figures in Africa that exercise enormous influence were all silent. It took pressure from the ordinary citizens to compel them to speak. Meanwhile, these same figures sent their condolences through social media handles to sympathize with lives that were lost due to police brutalities in America and other crisis.

PLO Lumumba wrote, “Today Sunday the 8/11/20 the front pages of Kenyan newspapers is about American Elections and the back pages about English football. Meanwhile, Ethiopia is the neighbourhood is at “War” which will affect us directly. Brethren, who bewitched us?

Just some few hours after sharing that, he followed with another one, “A number of Africans are now claiming and celebrating Ms. Harris. Meanwhile Chinese , Koreans and Japanese are thinking of trade opportunities. Remember Nkrumah- “Imperialism never changes it’s character.”

Briefly, all that PLO Lumumba is trying to say is, the African should mind his business. He should take into serious consideration issues of his land that affects him directly and not waste resources on celebrating victories of other countries and people. Especially, people that care less about Africa and its livelihood.

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