Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Sensational Afropop, Pop and Highlife singer, Adina Thembi in an interview with Okay FM’s Abeiku Santana has disclosed a lot of things about her personal life and her current album, Araba.

As an alumni of Wesley Girls, she disclosed that all those tags or stereotypes ascribed to students of the school never affected her. To her, the claims that they were students of that school are taught how to compete with men and be independent was not taught while she was there. Therefore, she can’t tell if it’s true or not. After all she doesn’t have issues about coping with the opposite sex.

To Abeiku’s surprise, Adina revealed that she doesn’t know her key as a musician. This is because, she can or find her way around any key she is giving. Moreover, she disclosed that Richie, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment knows her key very well. However, it is a good thing to know your key because it helps the band to know the key to play upfront, she expressed.

Adina also opined, contrary to Shatta Wale’s view, that the music videos are also good because it aids publicity. People can acknowledge your songs but the videos makes the songs lively to them as they see who is singing. Even though she agrees with the SM boss that music videos are expensive.

Shatta Wale had previously expressed that artists should focus more on the songs than shooting videos all the time because it’s expensive.

Abeiku Santana asked if there is societal pressure on her regarding her lifestyle. Adina said that there is no pressure, thus she is indifferent about those things. According to her, she is still staying with her mom.

She revealed that she had wanted to leave and hire her own apartment, but her mom resisted that with views that it’s not the best for her.

She said that until she marries, she will still stay in her mom’s house. To reveal that her mom hasn’t hold her against her will, she expressed she’s comfortable and love it because her mom supports her on bad days, prays with her and shower on her motherly love.

Abeiku revealed that Adina’s voice resembles that of Simi and Teni after the singer sang along Jeje off her Araba album. To her, that complement alone is a blessing because both Simi and Teni are special acts in the field of music. Adina revealed that the album relates with her personal life as it’s only her household and neighbours that call her Araba.

According to her, since this is her debut album, she hopes it will take her further and wide and also project Ghana to the rest of the world. She also believes it will earn her first international award.

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