Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
ben ephson

Ghana’s experienced pollster and journalist, Ben Ephson has revealed that the ruling party, NPP will remain in power for the next term with 52% against NDC 45%.

However, the NDC party has expressed that they are not perturbed in any way by the views expressed by the journalist. According to them, Ben Ephson has conducted several research on election, notably, the 2016 episode which the results derailed from his predictions.

“Ben Ephson predicted the same thing for us in 2016 and it sent us into opposition. This is something that is going to take the NPP into opposition, he predicted it before, and when he did, the opposite happened so let the NPP not be happy at all. Ghana will once again be blessed to have a leader like John Mahama who will deliver Ghanaians from the wicked hands of Nana Akufo-Addo,” the NDC National Organizer, Joshua Akamba told Morning Starr host Francis Abban on Wednesday.

Responding to this on Adom FM, Ben Ephson expanded the reasons that indicate most Ghanaians wont vote for the NDC. According to him, the party has not been able to make a solid decision on the Free SHS policy. In his words, “NDC has not been able to convince the people of Ghana their stance on the Free SHS.” As result, most parents and guardians have the perception that the party will cancel the initiative if they win power.

Moreover, the NDC has not been able to erase the corruption tag labeled at it by the NPP. According to him, the NPP mounted intensive pressure on the party concerning corruption especially within the few weeks to election. That made a lot of people to vote NDC out. However they have not been able to do the same to the NPP.

Also, Ben Ephson revealed that nursing trainees in Ghana who had their allowances canceled by the previous NDC-Mahama administration are still angry with the ex-president. unfortunately for the NDC,  the NPP under Nana Addo government reinstalled the allowances. Automatically, they will vote for him for another term.

In emphasizing on why Ghanaians should take the 2020 prediction seriously , he revealed that the 2016 prediction failed because the research board didn’t factor apathy. According to him, the Volta Region which is the strong hold of the NDC were disappointed in the party, as a result, most of them didn’t vote and that made the party lose thousands of votes for the party.

What do you say about this year’s elections?

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