Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
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The football world is one of the fields that observes intensive competition. There has always been arguments between fans over who the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is. Upon revisiting tapes and videos of Diego Maradona, Ghana’s finest rapper, Manifest had to reconsider his decision.

According to Him, he always believed the deceased football icon, Diego Maradona was the GOAT, but he changed his mind because he thought he had clung unto the past so much while the newly celebrated soccer god, Messi had surpassed him. Therefore, he chose Messi as the best. Yes, not Christiano Ronaldo.

However, tapes and other mind-boggling videos of Diego Maradona started flooding the space of the internet and he was left to no chance than reconsider his decision. And that was to go back to his former opinion that Maradona is the GOAT.

“My entire life I believed Maradona was the greatest of all time. A few years ago I began to feel I was perhaps stuck on nostalgia and Messi had eclipsed him. With his passing we’ve all revisited the tapes/stories. Diego Armando I’m sorry for wavering, you’re STILL the GOAT!”

Interestingly, as usual,’s followers were split into halves. To some, despite the rough nature of the football pitches in the past, Armando still aced his talent and skills. Obviously he would do exploits if he was chanced to play in this modern day with enhanced facilities.

However, some also rubbished it for the allegations that Diego always go for the drug before playing and that made him perform extraordinary. On the other hand, Messi do all he does with his natural abilities so he is the GOAT.

So now, is it okay to compare Messi to Maradona or he should just be matched with Ronaldo and the current breeds?

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