Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

The Ghana Police has arrested three suspects at Monte Carlo Pub, Tema, in the Greater Accra region for mixing alcohol with cannabis.

“Tema: Arrest of 3 Suspects at Monte Carlo Pub, Tema For Lacing Alcoholic Drinks With Cannabis
Yesterday (28th November, 2020), the Tema Police Regional CID arrested suspects Jessica Mensah aged 30 -Bar Operator, Joe Osei Evan’s aged 14 -an errand boy and Charity Yeboah aged 30 -also bar attendant at Monte Carlo drinking spot for selling bottles of drinks suspected to be laced with cannabis . A total of 668 bottles of drinks of such nature were recovered by Police.

The Police are advising the public to be sure of substances they patronize in order not to fall victim to such practices.”


Just as manufacturers of such intakes are to be held responsible for producing these illegal substances, the consumers are to be blamed too. It’s not surprising to know that it was the consumers that demanded that the drinks should be laced with cannabis to give them the level of concentration they need.


As a matter of fact, drug abuse is becoming a serious problem in the country. It is estimated that about 1.2 million Ghanaians have alcohol and drug-related problems. According to researchers, the addicts or the drug abusers are intrigued by factors such as unemployment and frustration of highly qualified students without access for further education. However, some were also lured into the act by mere curiosity to experiment what it feels to high.


A video went viral a couple of months ago that detailed the kind of substances youth in Ghana are taking. Seriously, it was very saddening.

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