Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
walter anga

Nigerian actor, model and TV personality, Walta Angapukotanka Kalada professionally known as Walter Anga has revealed the one person that caused him to believe in himself. Perhaps, Walter Anga fans would not have seen this awesome talent if not for Uche Nancy.

The celebrated actor revealed that somewhere in 2011 the producer assessed him. Well, he didn’t reveal whether he asked of her opinion though, but I’m sure he does.

Madam Uche Nancy told him straightforwardly that he is good but he needs to do better to prove himself. And to him, these are words forever written in his heart, he can never forget.

I think that’s what the industry needs, in fact in all spheres of life. Everyone needs someone that will be kind to them as well as honest to challenge them to do exploits. People as such we hardly forget them.

“My main woman…Years back in 2011 when no one believed in me she gave me the “plug” I needed to showcase myself and I will never in my life 4get her words. “You are good but you need to do better to prove yourself” Thank you my (nwakeego) @uchenancy.” Walter Anga shared.

Moreover, a decade older and still he remembers exactly what Uche Nancy told her. It shows how those words meant to him and how grateful he is. Normally, people tend to remember only those that gave them material support when pursuing their career. The least they know is kindness comes in many folds including words.

So what words did someone say that uplifted you so much that you can’t forget?

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