Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
desmond elliot

How did someone who moved hearts with his awesome acting prowess which afforded their votes to become a politician switch to become the most hated at the moment? Because of Desmond Elliot, any Desmond in Nigeria earns a free chuckle from the public.

It all started during the days the ENDSARs protest was at its peak. Some politicians condemned the protesters for painting the country black in the eyes of the world. And that is when Desmond Elliot trying not to be a coward also expressed his opinion. Sadly, he didn’t support the youth and their course. Since then, all the love they had for him disappeared. The incident happened last year November.

Amid the protest, policemen opened fire on the people of Lekki in Nigeria. The citizens resorted to raining insults upon insults on the leaders of the country. Sighting the reactions from them, Mr Elliot shared in a video that “When I went through comments I couldn’t believe it, curses, the abuses from children and I ask myself, is this Nigeria?”

The actor cum politician blamed social media and its influencers and went further to call for a clampdown of the platform. His reason was that “if we don’t start now there will be no Nigeria in the next five years.”

Unfortunately, this exasperated the youth of Nigeria. And since last year till now, the youth have never spared Desmond Elliot for once. Even though he came back to use the same medium to apologize for the concerns raised that he addressed the youth as children.

Today, the conversation was brought back to the media. Check the tweet below and the comments it garnered.

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