Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
rocky dawuni

Ghana’s celebrated and internationally acclaimed Reggae act and songwriter, Rocky Dawuni has expressed his opinion about the industry. The once Grammy nominee expressed that Ghana hasn’t won such awards because it doesn’t have an organized industry.

In fact, Ghana’s music industry can only pride itself on Black Entertainment (BET) Awards. Even with that one too, the numbers are not encouraging. Unlike our sister nation, Nigeria, they are thriving on such platforms. Currently, with the world of entertainment, Nigeria leads in Africa.

According to Rocky Dawuni, if they organise the industry, it can push acts and their arts to reach such heights.

After Wizkid and Burna Boy made Africa proud with their Grammy glories, Ghana was set ablaze. Sadly, there were assaults in all applications on various social media platforms. It even rekindled Samini and Stonebwoy beef, as well as Shatta Wale and Kwadwo Sheldon. It was funny and pity at the same time.

The Reggae star, Rocky Dawuni revealed this in an interview with Crystal Kwame-Aryee on the TV3 entertainment segment Simply Showbiz last Saturday. Rocky Dawuni said, “I wouldn’t say what we are doing wrong, rather what we are not doing right.”

“I think that with every type of industry, you need to create some level of critical mass within your own environment, and when you create that critical mass of music and culture, that critical mass then becomes a force behind certain individuals who excel and then those individuals are able to challenge boundaries, overcome those boundaries and set certain precedents and when you’re able to do that, then you have a whole movement.” He explained.

Rocky also added that “The thing about our industry is that there’s never been what we call an organized industry, I wouldn’t say there hasn’t been an industry because then I would be mistaken, but an organized industry. An organized industry where we have the right institutions like powerful management companies, powerful record labels, a system that gives transparency to music that is been played on the radio, on TV and all of that, a collection system that many artistes can be able to know that: okay this is how much their music is playing and they can be able to say: okay let me check how my music is doing, like a centralized system that funnels music collection, publishing, royalties and all of that”.

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