Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Controversial rapper and Logos II hit album maker, Pappy Kojo has twisted the entire gay accusation with his current post on Twitter.

A few months ago, the Fante rapper revealed that he is dealing with a broken heart. Interestingly, he turned into a poet with a series of tweets flooding his space. Well, we couldn’t tell how genuine it was as some expressed he was doing that for clout.

Not long ago, about a month, he made a sarcastic comment about the demand for rights and protection from LGBT practitioners. However, when it made it sound like he is not gay but he was just kidding, Pope Skinny strongly pounded on the rapper.

According to Pope Skinny, Pappy is truly gay and he knows it. Therefore he should not pretend as if he was just joking with his initial stance. Well, Pappy just made a mockery of him, you can see it here.

Fast forward, today, he has shared a video of his white girlfriend kissing underwater. Frankly, love can be sweet. Also, this update could mean two things that he has found a new love or a slap on Pope Skinny’s face over his gay allegations. Meanwhile, there are bisexuals though (clears throat).

Per the caption he gave to the post, he is surprised and never knew love could be very sweet. In fact, he has fallen in love immensely, he revealed.

“Ei I didn’t know love is sweet like this oh herh hehehe I fall basabasa.”

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