Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
religious tolerance

Ghanaians have proved beyond doubt to be one of the countries that tolerate people with opposing religious beliefs. The religious tolerance between Christians and Muslims is very awesome.

There is a viral photo circulating on social media about the topic. In the photo, Muslims were on the premises of Christ Apostolic Church praying. According to the narrative, Muslims in the environs at Nima always converge at that location to say salat.  The church during such periods intentionally lowers their instruments or audio devices just to not affect their Muslim brothers.

However, this incident isn’t the first. On one occasion when the Muslims were breaking their fasting in a park, they tapped electricity from a church nearby to power their event. And that’s Ghana and its degree of religious tolerance for you. On countless occasions, Muslims have also religiously tolerated Christians in Ghana.

This issue of religious tolerance came up as a result of the current brouhaha in Achimota School. Two Rastafarians got admission but can only assume classes if they trim their hair or dreads. But according to the victims, the dreads are for religious reasons. Therefore, it is impossible to take it off for academic reasons.

The incident divided the country into two, those that supported the embattled students and those that instil on the disciplinary clauses issued by the school. To the latter group, everyone regardless of religious background should obey rules. And to the former, people of different beliefs are in the school practising their religion, therefore if the Rastafarians want to keep their hair for nothing other than religious reasons, they should be allowed. After all, it’s unjust to allow foreigners to keep their hair in the same institution you’re instructing your own people to trim their hair.

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