Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
we move

The president of the BHIMnation, Stonebwoy made history for having the most viral freestyle upon the release of Putuu. It seems he is set to make another record with another freestyle. We Move is out with its visual and with less than a day of its release, the views garnered is awesome on Youtube.

Putuu swept music lovers and dancers off their feet, no doubt. It became one of the hot topics on entertainment segments in media houses. The two most leading themes for conversations were was 1GAD copying Pataapa, and is Putuu a sensible song. The fact is they know Stone to be a Reggae and Dancehall act who conveys his arts to his people with such finesse, so why Putuu.

However, countless times, he has defended himself with concerns that the song actually was just a freestyle that his fans asked him to release because it was nice. Besides, it’s a song of prayer. And now we have We Move.

We Move talks about the fact that people are parading themselves with deceit and tweeting every now and then, he is travelling around the world and waving at them. We hope this isn’t a jab to anyone. If it is, who do you think it is for?

Alright, Fawaz Concept & Kay Studios directed We Move. However, Ghana’s Prince Dovlo and USA’s Michael Jennings shot it. It was produced by Nektunez.

With just 18 hours, We Move has garnered 56,364 views. You can watch it here too.

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