Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
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An entrepreneur called Kwadwo Saka prefers hiring Indian management services for her business instead of Africans. Per his reasons, it pains him when the very people that made him resort to this state point fingers at politicians.

The entrepreneur runs two businesses; trading and manufacturing. According to him, there were challenges in his institutions. However, these challenges were not about power crisis or infrastructure but rather getting honest staffs.

Unfortunately, it seemed everyone he employed had his or her own agenda. It was an issue that even existed at the management level in those two areas. The staffs inflate invoices and record fewer figures for productions. It was heartbreaking that these vices were not from individual members but rather a collaborated efforts from the staffs in finance, production and sales and all around.

According to Kwadwo Saka, the situation became worse to the extent that, he adopted honesty as the criteria for recruitment instead of competency.

Thankfully, Kwadwo Saka found the solution. The entrepreneur now appreciates why companies like Dangote Group has so many Indians at the management level. Meanwhile, he criticized this same company for neglecting the African labour force for Indians, now he understands.

The entrepreneur stated that Indian managements are “so competent, so honest and so straightforward. I thought they were expensive at first with all the visa fees, accommodation, house staff, but now that losses due to staff theft have been reduced to a minimum, and efficiency increased, the Indian management has turned out to be cheaper than the previous African management. Now, all sensitive positions involving money go to Indians. Africans are only allowed in non-sensitive positions.”

“I used to criticize companies like Dangote Group that hire so many Indians when there are many unemployed Africans, but now, I understand their decision.”

So, to him, the African and Ghanaians to be precise are very corrupt. Yet, these same people point hands and label politicians with all sorts of vices.

I run a manufacturing business and a trading business.
The biggest challenge in my manufacturing business is not power,…

Posted by Kwadwo Saka on Sunday, March 28, 2021

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