Tue. Apr 13th, 2021
m.anifest essentials

Ghana’s rapper celebrated for administering bars with poetic finesse, M.anifest has topped the giant digital streaming store, Apple Music’s top playlists at the moment with his M.anifest Essentials.

Even though M.anifest has awesome tunes that could probably put him there, it’s apparent that it’s No Fear that did the magic for this win. According to rap critic, Kwadwo Sheldon, No Fear is a Grammy material. Thus, if Ghana can count on any act to glorify us with a Grammy, M.anifest is the only one that fits that spot.

He released No Fear a few days ago and it’s a hit song already. It featured Ghanaian-American rapper VIC Mensah and rising songstress Moliy. It’s just a tune you can’t resist with replays.

Mdot created M.anifest Essentials to archive all his mind-boggling pieces of art and as a go-to store for his followers. The playlist doesn’t portfolio only the fully-owned projects of the rapper, those others employed him on are there as well. For instance, the featured song, Brown Paper Bag from Sarkodie and B4bonah’s Devil is a Liar remix arethere.

Incredibly, the Apple Music’s editor’s note on M.anifest Essentials reads “Expertly blending elements of traditional African music, soul and funk with contemporary hip-hop, M.anifest has emerged as one of the most promising African rappers of his generation. Quick-witted and incisive, his lyrics draw on his upbringing in Ghana and years spent studying in America, while the production recalls some of Kanye West’s most groundbreaking work, albeit with a distinctly Ghanaian palette. Highlife samples are chopped and screwed, backed by propulsive drum machine beats, all layered with M.anifest’s memorable hooks and instantly accessible lyrics.

Also, second to M.anifest Essentials as top playlists is Africa To The World with Burna Boy as the cover art.

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