Thu. May 13th, 2021

The relationship between Shatta and Stonebwoy is indeed a confusing one. One can’t really deduce whether they’re just exploring their showbizship stunts on their followers or they really mean the grudges they bear. This morning, they are trending on Twitter as Shatta shares the works of Stonebwoy.

We all know some artists seldom share the works of their colleagues on their social media space. In fact, that’s one of the acts of kindness an act can show to a brother. More especially if the one showing kindness has quite a huge number of traffic.

Also, such acts come from fellows that share some bond or intimacy. Today, 1Don has shown on Twitter that 1Gad is his blood brother. The latter dropped the freestyle We Move some few days ago. Incredibly, the song is viral, we anticipate it will par with Putuu as the most viral freestyles in our music fraternity.

To show his love for his brother and rival in the Dancehall realms, Shatta tweeted the link on his space. He captioned it “We Move By my blood brother is fire!!! Go check it out. Bhim”

That’s awesome. However, people who claim to have studied Shatta well, I mean the ‘Twitter psychologists’ believes he is up to something. According to them, they are surprised he is doing all this. Thus, he has never done before, but because he wants Stone to also share his upcoming album.


However, interestingly, about ten hours after Shatta’s tweet, Stone returned the kindness by sharing the former’s Blow Up song. That’s awesome, right?

Well, Kwadwo Sheldon, the awarded online content creator also subtly jabbed Shatta. We all know the feud they had amid the Burna Boy-Wizkid Grammy brouhaha. Sheldon pointed out the fact that Shatta even tagged some wrong account as Stonebwoy. Thus the @1gad in the tweet. Well, these are some of the mistakes when one is so poised to celebrate a brother, or?

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