Thu. May 13th, 2021
rita dominic

Marriage in our part of the world is the bond of perfection. One can attain all the accolades the world has to offer, but without marriage, the African has no glory. That’s the case of actress and producer Rita Dominic.

Rita Dominic revealed to Chude Jideonwo that she will not rush into the institution. Even though there were rumours during the climaxing of last year, December 2020, that she is set to tie the knot with her long time boyfriend, Fidelis Anosike, we don’t know what’s up with them now.

“I respect the institution of marriage as my parents were married till they died, and they had a beautiful relationship. The problem is at some point, it begins to annoy you because of how much importance people have placed on it.”

Miss Rita added that “I do want to marry, and I want to get it right once and for all. You know, we make such a big deal of it; we force people and put pressure on them to go in. When they eventually rush into this union, they make mistakes because they were only trying to please people.”

As a matter of fact, the marital discussion was just a passing-through view. Thus, a lot of issues were discussed but as usual, the media thrive on controversial topics. Therefore, they headlined the Nollywood super star’s marriage discussions.

The 45-year-old celebrated art, unperturbed by the instance sent a message to those concerned that they should clap for themselves. Oh yes!

“Of all the things I discussed with Chude, including my work, all you want to amplify is marriage. Clap for yourselves. While you are at it, I have new wonderful film in cinemas. I was married in the film.”

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