Sun. Jul 25th, 2021
kwadwo sheldon

Controversial celebrity, Efia Odo has tagged blogger and brand influencer, Kwadwo Sheldon a modern-day slave. Apparently, she wants to pay back the latter for rubbishing the Fix The Country initiative that took over social media a few weeks ago.

Efia Odo and a brand influencer on Twitter, Kalyjay were the face of the initiative. The youth of Ghana called upon the various celebrities and influencers with a huge following to use their platform to promote the agenda. Unfortunately for them, Kwadwo Sheldon was indifferent about the call.

According to him, calling for a fix is too broad, so the activists should be specific. Besides, the citizens should fix their attitude first before calling on the government to fix the country. He received a heavy backlash for this.

However, Kwadwo Sheldon professed his membership for the New Patriotic Party prior to the 2020 December elections. So some people were not surprised with his stance on the call. And today, posing with the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Efia Odo defines it as slavery to the party.

Later on after her retweet with the slavery shade, Efia Odo went ahead to block Sheldon, an act that amused the blogger. He quizzed and teased if they use such an attitude to fix the country.

However, we found another photo that showed ace bloggers in the country in a shoot with the Information Minister. Zion Felix, Konkonsa, Kwadwo Sheldon and others were part. Well, Kwadwo has decided not to mind Efia. According to him, she is a nice person, just that sometimes she makes emotions get her carried away.

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