Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

The former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin doesn’t seem to free actor cum politician, John Dumelo from his grasp any moment soon. Making it look like there are no strings attached to his humour-induced post, he has answered that the politician is a fine friend.

Yesterday, the commissioner shared a photo of a minibus with John Dumelo 1 inscription at the back. He asked “Has anyone seen this trotro? Asking for a friend.”

A follower that knew how he has often troubled Dumelo asked, “Please Hon Jon Benjamin, if Mr Dumelo has wronged you in any way, please forgive him.”

He quickly responded with an image that showed him and his fine friend drinking a V8 labelled substance. And guess what, he captioned it as “Mr Dumelo is a fine friend (and V8 drinking buddy).

Nobody has attacked Dumelo several times, harder than Benjamin. Since the scandal came to light, every post he shares about his fine friend has to do with the V8 brouhaha. Even though he has refuted all claims that he stole the nation’s car, it seems the effect of that rumour is quite huge and damaging. And his British friend is not ready to quit picking on him either.

In fact, people are wondering if the two really have no bad blood between themselves. They believe perhaps they were friends and something happened and they break apart. Because Dumelo has paid deaf and blind attention to the Benjamin trolls.

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