Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

The retired Ivoirian professional footballer Didier Drogba has thrown a shot at those that tagged Chelsea as underdogs. According to him, even though people expected his former team to always lose a match. Thus, they don’t expect anything better from Chelsea, yet they played like champions to make history.

“When they called us the underdogs, we played like CHAMPIONS.” Drogba shared on Twitter.

Last year, Frank Lampard, a former player and most recent former head coach of Chelsea said something similar when they were playing against Bayern Munich.

“I understand if people do call us the underdogs because Bayern Munich is so strong. Maybe we don’t have that experience but these things are there to change. It’s there to turn it around, to overcome being the underdog. Those are the best stories in sport.”

And yes, they turned it around. They have played like champions to overcome the underdog tag. Interestingly, they have given the best stories in sports to Peter Okoye, and the others who put their life on the team.

Now, Chelsea has taken the crown for European champions for the second time after whipping Manchester City a goal nil yesterday in Porto.

Kai Havertz made the difference between the two great teams with a first-half goal. According to analysts, the winning came as a result of incredible coaching from Pep Guardiola.

“Pep Guardiola appeared to have a settled team going into the final, but he opted to throw a curve-ball by naming Raheem Sterling in his starting line-up in Porto. The resulting tactical reshuffle left City without a recognised holding midfielder – a move that proved costly in the build-up to Chelsea’s goal. John Stones was dragged out of position by Werner and Oleksandr Zinchenko failed to track Havertz, giving the latter a clear sight of goal.” – Matthew Howarth, Manchester City reporter.

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