Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

The Road Transport Operators of Ghana has released a press to announce to the general public about a new increase in fares. The new fares will take effect from Saturday, 5th June 2021.

According to the Road Transport Operators, the increment in fares is 13%. The decision is based on a look into the components that go into running commercial transport services in the country. Also, the increment cut across all categories nationwide.

This means that passengers that board intercity buses (tro-tro), intercity long-distance buses and shared taxis will be affected. They should expect a 13% increase.

Per the statement issued in the letter, the increment could have been more. But the intervention from the government has made it as low as 13%. The interventions mentioned include the extension of the quarterly income tax payment of tro-tros and taxi operators. And secondly, assurances from the government to put in efforts to prevent a steep rise in input costs on behalf of the commercial drivers.

Members of the Road Transport Operators (commercial drivers) some weeks ago cried over the increase in the price of fuel. And some also about the import duties on car parts which contribute to the high cost of maintenance of their buses. So, according to them, if the government can help maintain situations as it is or for the better, the 13% will not change for the worse too.


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