Sun. Jul 25th, 2021
twene jonas

Apparently, the youth and nationalists in the country have gotten a messenger, one that can look into the eyes of the elderly and call him what he really is for doing the uncalled for. Twene Jonas.

The Ghanaian-American based social commentator has always complained about the impasse state of the Ghanaian economy. People didn’t hear him, he wasn’t even popular until he attacked Asantehene, the overlord of the Ashanti kingdom. The whole country shook because he touched the ‘eyes of the gods.”

Now, Twene Jonas is a household name because the person was bold enough to speak the truth about the destruction of our water bodies while the traditional rulers seem indifferent about it. After all, they get their tips and brown paper bags from these foreigners and local bigwigs who are illegally degrading our environments for their selfish gains.
He spoke with confidence regardless of the status of the personalities connected to the art.

In Africa, such a personality is judged disrespectful and that is the tag that the anti-Twene Jonas group are forcing on the neck of the modern-day messenger of the youth.

Those who are against his approach emphasize the insults that accompanied the message. However, the change seekers stand with him on the grounds that whatever he said is true, and that’s what matters. In fact, most Ghanaians loved his approach and the content of the message. After all, the elders heard his message only because it contained insults.

Some religious and traditional figures chose to rain a series of curses on Twene Jonas but that didn’t change the mindset of the many. Today, whenever any authority goofs, people start calling on Twene Jonas to come and take over. Thus, to look at him or her in the eye and tell how badly they have soiled themselves.

Today, a former Methodist Bishop of Obuasi Diocese revealed his displeasure about the High Court that ruled that Achimota School should admit the Rastafarians. He said, “If that was the ruling, then galamsey operators should operate. Don’t they have the right? It is their fundamental right to eat. What is the fundamental right of traders selling on our roads.”

“If the government directs them to stop, is it not their right to eat? Excuse me, can we also say it’s the fundamental right of prostitutes to eat so they should operate? So why don’t we allow them to prostitute so they can eat? I’m disappointed in the ruling of the court.”

Veteran musician Reggie Rockstone shared the message above and called on Twene Jonas, the community police of the authorities. Now, if you’re displeased with any act perpetrated by the elderly and leaders of the nation, Twene Jonas is just a tag away.

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