Sun. Jul 25th, 2021
nana tornado

Ghana’s controversial celebrity and singer, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah well known as Mzbel has taken to her social media handles to ask for forgiveness from Nana Tornado. The two were very close until the unknown happened.

“My brother @kingnanatonardo1 I’m sorry, please forgive your careless big sister, if u leave me who will be my Supi? Who will I gossip in Ga with, who will ROAR for me when they’re coming after me? Tell me who will make me laugh?
Please I was careless, give me another chance. Ei my Pastries whose mum will make them, who will love me like u love me?
I’m sorry ok? Kaashimi Tsakemomi ”

The apology followed some revelations Nana Tornado made in an interview with Zion Felix. According to him, he will not have any celebrity friends again because it has never helped him. Making a general statement, Tornado said that he is an honest person, so when he does something out of his heart and the conduct is not reciprocated from the other party, he coils in to mind his business.

The fact is, Ghanaians know him to be troublesome because he’s outspoken. So these days he stays away from those that hurt him.

The apology from Mzbel has really pleased Ghanaians who are even naive of what transpired between her and Tornado. According to them, mature people are those that apologise when they know they have erred.

Yinks, A south Africa based Ghanaian rapper shared that “You just earned more of my respect. I respect people who apologise when they are wrong. It shows how real you are just that we are humans and we always make mistakes. Much respect.”

nana tornado

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