Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

“I went to cut my hair one Saturday with my Big Sister and this barber told me that very soon I will be ready for eating.”

A social media user by the name Eugenia Doh shares her adventure relating to Kafui Danku’s strict parenting style which she hated, but is thankful for. At least it saved her from ‘vultures’, she says.

According to Kafui, her father was very strict and believed in corporal punishment. He warned them never to go on errands for anybody. His target was men though. There were countless times conflicts between families broke out because some men had the balls to either come to question why Kafui shouldn’t run errands for them, or they actually made her go.

The father who sternly said with much authority that his daughter is not an errand girl was actually protecting her from men who exploit little girls. They’ll send you and later pound on you in their rooms having the slightest opportunity.

Right there, Eugenia Doh came with her own experience. She went to the salon with her big sister. In fact, she has not developed breasts yet and was in the process. The barber, an expert in predicting which girl is ready for ‘eating’ prophesied that this girl will be ready soon. She didn’t like such comments. She just stood and matched home.

Interestingly, her mother didn’t take it lightly either. She tied her cloth to the waist like she was going to represent Ghana for a tug of war competition. You can just imagine the scene, the Anlo woman dished out free slaps to the barber on that fateful day.

In a follow-up response, Kafui commended Eugenia’s mom for her quick action. Also, she subtly admonished parent’s not to undermine such unguarded comments as jokes. It isn’t, and would never be.


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