Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Sensational musical artist and vocalist, Jane Awindor, celebrated professionally by the name Efya has expressed her anger over the gang-rape of the lesbian Elladeevah Ellios. According to her, they should castrate all rapists.

On social media, there is a viral update on a popular lesbian called Elladeevah Ellios. The victim on her Facebook handle expressed that four men drugged her, kidnapped and raped her for two consecutive days. As of the time she made the post, she was at the Cantonment Police Hospital receiving treatment.

In the video, Elladeevah made unusual statements and cries that she is hopeless and wants to die.

Unfortunately, more than half of the concerns congratulated the rapists. Per their narrative, practising lesbianism is unlawful. As a result, she deserved the fate she met. Some also slammed her with the issue of falsehood. According to them, if really four rapists pounded on her for two days, she wouldn’t have survived the experience. Therefore, it never happened.

A few others like Efya think no one has the authority to punish wrongdoers except the judiciary that has the mandate.

“I keep saying we shd castrate all rapists !!! All of them !! This is outrageous!!! My God! Something has to be done !! Efya fumed.

Anyway, what do you also think?

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