Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

People normally ask why pastors have security guards. Per their explanation, they are doing the right thing so why do they fear someone will take away their lives? Kwaku Manu throws a similar jab at Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, the servant and worshipper of Ajagurajah.

Kwabena Boakye Asiamah shared a picture on his page with a caption questioning how the world will behave upon his demise. He said with regret over how people are treating TB Joshua now.

“So if they are insulting TB Joshua because he is dead, what would they do to me if I die tomorrow boi?? thinking ?.”

Interestingly, people’s focus was rather drifted to the items spotted in the picture. There was a PS4 system on the table, and leaning against the wall behind him was a pump-action gun – and that is the issue.

Kwaku Manu wonders what protection doesn’t the god of the acclaimed Bishop, Ajagurajah give to him to warrant having a gun. Meanwhile, Kwabena Boakye is a no-nonsense public figure. With the least provocation ‘you chop’ block from his social media handle, he told Zion Felix. In fact, he trends as the CEO of block nation – you can imagine.

So after his tease, knowing the Bishop will block him if it was on his page, he reminded him that it’s not possible this time around because it’s his own wall – funny.

“Eii Kwabena Asiama So How Many Protection Do You Really Want ? Upon All Your Protection You Got From Your ANGEL AJAGURAJAH, What Is This Gun Doing At Your back @ajagurajah_official ??? Here is my page So you can’t block me ??.”

But on a more serious note, do you think men of God or religious figures need protection like guards, guns, and so forth?


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