Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
spanish omelette

The controversial no-nonsense actress, Lydia Forson is shocked by her own imaginations and responses to thought provoking questions triggered towards her. She reveals in a recent post that she told someone she has used her eggs to cook Spanish omelette. That’s really a fatal response.

According to the celebrity, it was a total stranger that had the gut to ask her why she does not have kids. As a matter of fact, she did not know where the thoughts on what to say came from. Before she realized, she had told the stranger who forgot to mind his business that she has used all her ovaries to cook Spanish omelette. We wonder the reaction from the stranger, the environment itself after the response.

“One time when a total stranger (as is the norm) asked why I didn’t have children yet, I told him I’d used my all my eggs for Spanish omelette. I swear I don’t know where these thoughts of mine come from 😭.”

Some Ghanaians have been on the actress’ neck for a long time. They have thrown shades at her countless times to settle down. The least we knew was that some also on the low key are expecting her to give birth.

Aside from her, among the West African movie fraternity, Nigerians have also been talking about Rita Dominic. They seem not to understand why she is growing old with a husband and children. Fortunate for them, she does not wield missiles to release bombs on the concerned complainers.

Well, whenever you’re tempted to wonder who the children of Lydia Forson are, just think of Spanish omelette.

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