Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
recruitment form

Recruitment forms for the interior security service of the nation are out and citizens are wailing over the high cost of the forms. A form goes for GHs100. Actor cum politician, John Dumelo has added his voice to the wails as he shows his uncomfortable experiences due to the high cost of the forms.

In a post on his social media handle, the farmer showed how daily, people beg him for money to buy recruitment forms for the security service enrolment. One of the aspirants expressed that he/she dearly wants to become an Immigration Officer, therefore, the aspiring Member of Parliament should help this dream come true.

The disappointed Dumelo stated “This is what I have been going through daily. Why are security service recruitments forms being sold for 100gh? 100gh for recruitment form is not fair to the youth.”

According to many people, the amount is unreasonable because the youth are already jobless. Therefore, raising GHs100 for just a form, while medicals and other expenses await before they secure a job from their own country is very bad.

Also, there were complaints that, despite the high cost of the forms, HR will recruit aspirants who have ‘protocol’ only. Meaning more than 50% of aspirants are just wasting their money to buy the forms.

However, others also don’t agree with Dumelo and his group. To them, the individuals have been able to afford smartphones and data to come online. Therefore, affording GH100 recruitment forms shouldn’t be a problem. They expressed that even the GH100 is less.

What do you also say – should forms for recruitment into public service be free or not?

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