Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
sexy Stephanie Benson

Unarguably, Stephanie Benson is sexy. Looking at her physique, almost everyone will predict her age wrongly. At 51, the musician has been able to keep her body tough and tight that a 16-year-old girl can’t even match her.

Another mind-boggling fact is that she is not childless. Married to John Benson, the couple is blessed with 5 children. One would ask with agape “and she still looks this sexy?” Yeah. Childbirth with its processes is able to change the physiques of women. It’s very difficult, seemingly impossible for women to go back to their normal physique after childbirth. The musician just like a few other women has defied the odds.

So what’s the magic that has kept her ripped and energetic at 51? The talked about sex therapist has revealed the workout routines she has been keeping up with. And yeah, she deserves all the praises we sing when the issue of women and sexiness comes to mind.

According to her, every three days out of seven, thus three days in a week, she does 100 times lunges and squats. Moreover, she observes 5 min planks, 50 deadlifts, 20 box jumps, and 3-min continuous hydrants. In motivating other women that they can do it too, she added that she never wishes for anything in this life. Instead, she works for it.

In this modern-day, most women think being sexy is just a matter of affording a waist trainer. But some celebrities have rubbished that opinion. Notably, Yvonne Nelson has recently revealed publicly that waist trainers do not help in flattening tummies.

Besides, if the waist trainer can trim off excess flesh, does that alone makes a lady sexy, young and energetic? Ideally, Stephanie Benson’s way of looking sexy and young is the way. And oh, she is a road accident and breast cancer survivor in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Yet, she had no excuse other than being sexy. Forget about waist trainers and food supplements. Workout.


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