Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
deputy roads and highways minister

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has said that if Ghanaians want better roads, then they should be ready to pay more tolls. This came as a result of the government’s search for alternative ways to fund the deficit road infrastructure.

The deputy minister for Roads and Highways, Stephen Pambiin Jalulah expressed that Ghanaians pay little for using the road. According to him, the country can’t keep on borrowing. Therefore, they are putting some mechanisms in place to ensure property owners pay the due tax.

“In Ghana, we pay GH¢0.50 per saloon car. If you go elsewhere, they pay almost GH¢5. Everybody wants good roads but if you are not willing to pay the right tolls, how do we raise the money?” He asked.

“We cannot keep borrowing and our debt to GDP is very high. So, we can work properly with the Municipal Assemblies to ensure that everyone who has property in Ghana pays their property tax. And that alone could fix a lot of our roads.”Mr Jalulah added.

In buttressing his point, he suggested that they should redefine the term road user so as to pull in more funds.

“Instead of a few people paying the tolls, why don’t we devise a means to reach every road user. Where every road user could be the cyclist, the motorcyclist and even pedestrians. This could come through a few pesewas being charged on a litre of fuel.”

As expected, a lot of Ghanaians have raised eyebrows at the Road and Highways ministers’ view. One key antagonist is Kwame A Plus. the controversial political activist’s opposition comes in where Mr Jalulah compared Ghana to elsewhere.

A Plus drew minds to the fact that wages and salaries are better elsewhere. As a result, it’s okay for the citizens to pay higher levies for roads and highways infrastructure.

“In the so called elsewhere minimum wage is $14 (86.8 Ghana cedis) This means elsewhere people make $112 (694.2 Ghana cedis) every eight hours, which is $3360 (20.832 Ghana cedis). That’s how much the ordinary worker makes elsewhere; twenty thousand, eight hundred and thirty-two Ghana cedis.” He explained.

“How much do teachers, lectures, nurses, police officers, doctors, etc, make in this Nyame Bɛkyerɛ Republic?“

The TPP founder added that “Elsewhere when toll and taxes are paid it is used to fix the roads and streetlights. The president does not use the money to hire luxurious Jets to bath in the sky.”

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