Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
ajagurajah angel

The leader of the Ajagurajah angel Movement, Kwabena Asiamah has given a nugget to women who want to soar in life through unwavering support and mercies of their partners or husbands. Strictly, those who have met wealthy men who have promised them marriage or good fortunes. The teaching answers why men don’t fulfil their promises after sex.

Per his teaching, calamity is when the lady personally takes off her pants when coming to have intercourse with the man. Kwabena Asiamah asserted that if they want to attract favour and mercy from their wealthy men, they should let the men themselves take off their pants.

This is totally opposite to what the modern-day world shows to couples. The women want to be sexy and romantic so before the man would even come home, she has adorned herself in something provocative pant-less. And yes, the men like it – that their ladies are romantic, sexy and always ready to take it.

According to him, women’s honeypot is a god that’s why men kneel when going to them to ‘do the do’. After all, it’s only spirits or gods that we kneel when going before them. So, the moment a lady personally takes off her pant, she has sell-off her glory and spirit to the man. This explains the reason why the man gets away with messing up the lady’s life despite the utterances or curses the lady will unleash on him.

Kwabena Asiamah also revealed that it’s taboo when a man doesn’t receive thanks from a woman after intercourse. It doesn’t matter whether he satisfied the woman or not. Well, the servant of Ajagurajah angel made a lot of revelations from the video below.

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