Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    John Dumelo

    Ghanaian actor, politician and farmer, John Dumelo has expressed his state of confusion with the world. Currently, he is in a dilemma regarding the sale of his farm produce.

    The actor in a social media post is asking analysts in the business sphere what to do. According to him, per his analysis, there has been a 50% increase in the price of fuel within a year. Meanwhile, his farm where he cultivates ginger is 5 hours, thus, 198 km from Accra. In a nutshell, he spends quite an amount on fuel to convey his products to the urban.

    As a result, he is considering either increasing the prices of his goods to cover the transportation cost or maintaining it.

    “When I started harvesting my ginger last year dec the price of fuel was 4.67. Almost a year later it’s 6.9. That’s almost 50% increase. Dear business analysts, do I still continue to maintain my prices or I increase it? Ps: my farms are 5 hours (198 km) away from Accra.”

    Even though people know John Dumelo to be an opposition of the ruling party with his affiliation to the NDC, which also predicts that he is trying to make the government unpopular, many entrepreneurs can relate to his outburst.

    The fact is the price of fuel controls or affects almost everything in the country. After all goods after production have to be conveyed from factories or points of production to the consumers. The cost of transportation is affected by the cost of production which will determine the price the consumer or buyer has to pay.

    Retailers will increase their prices of goods too for claims that the transportation cost for conveying the products from the wholesalers has increased.

    Interestingly, more than 90% of respondents replied that Dumelo should increase the price.

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