Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
korle bu teaching hospital

A nursing officer who asked to be kept anonymous has reached out to A Plus to reveal the current devastating situation at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. According to the nurse, he/she is not happy at all for losing two patients and more.

The problem may be may cut across all other departments, the surgery department is the focus.

“Hello Bra Kwame, please keep me anonymous. This evening I’m not happy at all. I am a Nursing Officer at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, specifically the Department of Surgery. As I write to you at the moment, I’ve lost two patients and counting due to lack of oxygen to even resuscitate patients.”

The whistleblower revealed that the shortage of oxygen has been days now. Therefore he/she fears the number of patients that would pass on before the authorities would take responsibility to solve the problem.

“Oxygen is out of supply for some days now and only Allah knows how many more patients will die as a result of this crisis.”

He/she begged A Plus as he has always done to use his platform to mount pressure on authorities for the needful.

“I’ve been an active follower of your posts and how you are able to solve these problems. Please, kindly assist us for it to get to the authorities above that the issue is worse off.”

“Please, for the sake of humanity do this for Ghana,” the whistleblower concluded.

Reacting to the note, A Plus frowned upon the incompetence of the authorities. He wondered how upon the failure to manage all the endowment blessed Ghanaians, ordinary air too, they can’t manage.

“Air is out of supply in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and people are dying. Air!!! Why should anyone die due to lack of air!! God gave you gold, oil, timber, cocoa, bauxite etc; you can’t manage it. Common air too you can’t manage it.”

By Stanley Coffie

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