Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    kwaw kese

    Ghanaian hip-life musician and rapper, Kwaw Kese has expressed sadness over the neglect of children on the streets of Ghana. He asks if the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection is still functioning.

    According to him, the issue of children on the streets should have been the heartbeat of the ministry instead of the ‘unnecessary’ fuss they made about Akuapem Polo. The actress and socialite was jailed for taking nude shots with her 7-year-old boy. That followed a summon from the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry and pressure from Child Right International. Kwaw Kese wants to know the whereabouts of these institutions while there are children on the streets.

    Kwaw Kese lamented over the topic in a video he took on the road which saw a boy, about 3 years of age wandering about on the busy road. He asked, “where is he going and where is his mother.” Some were also selling candies and other products from car to car.

    The fact is, some of the children on the streets of Ghana are not Ghanaian. They have been smuggled into the country by parents or guardians to aid their ‘street begging ventures’.

    However, their presence in Ghana came about, the award-winning rapper has the concern or one thing; the children should not be on the street. Also, he subtly jabbed the country for having more churches than schools and hospitals added together with his caption.

    “This is Ghana where there are more churches than schools and hospitals combined. Yes and this is happening right opposite a church. Where’s the so-called child rights organization? UNICEF etc.“

    That was a sarcastic way of judging parents and authorities who helm the affairs of the nation. That is if they are Christians, why do they seem indifferent about the children who are the heartbeats and gifts from God.

    By Stanley Coffie

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