Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    enock darko

    Ghanaian Nollywood comic actor, Enock Darko has added his view to the ongoing banter between Ghanaians and Nigerians over some utterances authored by Shatta Wale.

    After successfully filling the 40,000 Accra Sports Stadium, the Dancehall giant compared himself to the Nigerian acts who equally pull massive crowds for concerts. According to him, it’s even Ghanaians that propel Nigerians for the great feat they achieve on international platforms. Thus, they become instant superstars after Ghanaians have given them the support they need. In other words, they are nothing without Ghanaians.

    That would have been it, perhaps. After all, everyone has the right to express themselves. However, Shatta Wale pissed off by whatever was known to him concluding his speech on stage said “fvck Nigerians.”

    When the footage went viral, Nigerians started coming for his head. IK Ogbonna and Yul Edochie have given him their pieces of mind. They have advised him to apologize as his utterance is hate speech. Well, Enock Darko who became famous through Nollywood was caught in between. As a matter of fact, it had been a difficult time for him.

    First of all, Watabomshell as he is affectionately called emphasized that he loves his country. A shred of clear evidence is how he infuses the Twi language in his movies. At first, he used to mention and mimic musicians like Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy and other giants in the industry.

    “ Ghanaian!!! Hmm, I love Ghana. I love where I come from if I don’t love and appreciate where I come from won’t even speak my language #twi in my Nollywood movies .”

    However, Enoch Darko affirmed that the “support your own” mantra is a difficult thing to do among Ghanaians. They will tell entertainers that their reign is over so they need to accept is for new breeds to take over.

    “Well, no need to explain myself, support your own hard Ghanaian. Because the truth is “some” Ghanaian will bring you down chale! They will tell you ooo your time pass!! And aswear down!!!! You will fade away soo quickly!!!.”

    Moreover, he believes that because of the lack of support for their own, a lot of talents just failed to actualize their potentials. Yet, he still emphasized that despite this, he still loves his country as an entertainer.

    However, he didn’t undermine the potentials of Nigeria’s entertainment industry. He expressed that, while Ghanaians must support their own, they must take lessons from the Nigerians as well.

    In other words, the feud is unnecessary. The two countries should rather come together and impact one another.

    “I love my home regardless but hey learn from Nigerians in terms of pushing your own that’s the truth,” Enock Darko concluded.

    enock darko

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