Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Lyrical Joe

    Lyrical Joe has talent – no doubt. One remarkable thing about him is his top-notch wordplay and wordsmithing. Interestingly, he has been appearing on E.L’s BAR sequels, he appeared on the latest BAR 6 as well.

    The album dropped yesterday and it’s enjoying airplay and nods by fans. In fact, most of the time, music analysts find it difficult to break down verses and bars from Lyrical Joe. As a result, he has saved them the pain by doing it by himself. Apparently, that is another means of promoting the album.

    Below is his entire verse on Dracula;

    “I never fuck with a fake blood Dracula
    Naa I ain’t playing with no mercy (Messi) I’m bars loner (Barcelona)
    I’ll leave your liver n the pool with my arsenal
    Rappers no fit come pas (compass) my point I mean cardinal
    King Kong am
    Swinging on this beats
    You’ll think that L put a monkey on a bar?
    Na na
    Please I’m a beast in fist think you strong? Never
    I go break you fast like morning meal bar niga!
    in the future the present the past
    I’m a time traveller with bars
    Kill it in planets, you witnessing total murk-Ry (mercury) and I do it to the mass (mars)
    My spirit be hard
    You for barb sometimes you for fade first
    My greatness is mounting (mountain) that’s the only way I can ever rest (Everest)
    I stay alone (a loan) like a debt Cuz I owe it to myself to be rich
    It’s like I’m buying acres of lands I’m gaining grounds in this bitch
    Oh I’m a cold number 9
    I got Goats in my blood line
    I’ve had the billy in my gene (billy jean)
    Micheal Jackson would have co-signed


    You can listen to the entire album and verse below as well.

    By Stanley Coffie

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