Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

    Ghanaian comedian and avid fan of Shatta Wale was humiliated yesterday at the entrance of the Accra Sports stadium.

    Yesterday, December 24, Ghana was on fire. Sarkodie did his annual Rapperholic concert. Kofi Kinaata and others staged the Made in Tadi while Shatta Wale together with Medikal pulled a massive crowd for their Freedom Wave concert.

    Freedom Wave was successful with a series of artists mounting stage to do what they do best. However, one incident happened that triggered “oh, that’s bad” reactions on social media.

    One footage went viral that saw the MadeInGhana in an unfriendly situation.  There was a lot of synchronous violent movement so one can’t easily call out the culprits. Meanwhile, the covering too was blurred.


    However, in the video, the crowd mobbed the scene as the comedian, looking frustrated, made utterances to and fro his car. Everyone was asking what’s happening, at least they all know he is a number one Shatta fan.

    Today, he has chosen to explain what triggered the violence. According to him, Kriskoney asked him not to enter even when the police had given him a pass.

    “Yesterday when I got to the entrance, one policeman asked me who am I? I said Madeinghana and he was like oh yeah. So I was trying to enter and one guy (kriskoney) said they shouldn’t allow me to enter and I should go back (angrily). I was like ah hmm, I parked well so other cars can pass.”

    Meanwhile, while he was waiting, he realized that the bouncer is giving several cars a pass. That was what pissed him off.

    “What I didn’t get was he was allowing other cars to enter and I wasn’t allowed. After waiting for a very long time, about three cars were entering and I was instructed to enter too. When I almost got to the gate the guy (kriskoney) started again saying I don’t respect (angrily)!”

    According to MadeInGhana, he “pulled me from my car humiliated me and almost got beaten, damaged my car handle and his instructions made a policeman hit the top of my car which made some part crack.”


    That he said when his colleague NanaMadeInChina asked him what happened to him. MadeInGhana, born Richard Frimpong is a comedian, music promoter, content creator and influencer. He had been in the industry for three years now.

    By Stanley Coffie

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