Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

    Ghana’s revered rapper, Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko popularly known as Obrafour has revealed the inspiration behind his amazing flow. In an interview on Citi FM with Bernard Avle’s Citi Breakfast Show, the legend gave some interesting insights about his craft.

    Mostly, people expect rap music to be a speedy flow on a rapid beat with a slangy rhyming pattern. An example is the ‘Kasahare’ sub-genre common in Ghana. As a result, most of the rappers that are hailed today stepped into the limelight with speedy rhyming slangy patterns.

    Because of how people misconceived rap, the Ghanaian elderly in those days didn’t welcome it. According to the elderly, it lacks diction as they can’t hear the lyrics properly. Besides, it’s full of profanity.

    Therefore, Obrafour believes he came in to make it appealing to the masses and the elderly. Even though he didn’t know why Reggie Rockstone named it Hip-life, it is called Hip-Hop everywhere. Thus, Hip-Hop is rap flowing with a beat and that’s what they do. After all, in every country, they call the same genre Hip-Hop too.

    Rap Sofo said that he listened to a lot of Hip-Hop while growing up. Tupac and many others were on top of the game doing cool stuff. However, he had his eyes on Snoop Dogg. According to him, his inspiration was just calm, layback or relaxed while doing what he does best. He got the inspiration that he can rap in the same manner and make it.

    Also known as the Rap Executioner, he did a lot of amazing projects with Hammer of the Last Two. The record producer worked on most of the rapper’s songs which were all hits.

    According to Obrafour, they were meant for each other. Iron sharpens iron.

    He said that the chemistry between them is just great to the extent that he thinks God prepared Hammer for him.

    Besides, to him, Hammer is not just a producer but contributes a lot in crafting a song. According to him, his depth in music pushes artists to want to go the extra mile. He revealed that when they met, they were both nobodies. However, they inspired themselves to get to the top in the industry.

    Obrafour revealed that beats that determine the kind of lyrics he puts on songs. He said this while giving reference to one of his great works. Briefly, he said that he was at the studio when Hammer was making the beat. Upon hearing the horn intro, he felt that the beat sounds like a call to war. And that was the inspiration for the kind of lyrics he placed on it.

    In a nutshell, he doesn’t go to the studio with a song in mind. However, upon hearing a beat, the drive just comes as every beat is unique and demands a certain content.

    As he prepares for a show tomorrow, Obrafour says he loves to perform with a band. That’s the kind that can absolutely give the nostalgic experience the organizers of the program want.

    He is performing at Citi Fm Cituation Party alongside other great veteran musicians. They include MzBel, Ofori Amponsah and others on the eve of Christmas. Thus, December 24 at Gazebo View Restaurant, Dzorwulu – Accra at 8 Pm.

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